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This Soundtrack to Life Challenge is dedicated to Ladies' Week, celebrating all the awesome contributions of women all over! Thank you for this challenge @MattK95 I'm very excited to share my playlist with you all!
If you're doing Ladies' Week this challenge was a lot of fun! Definitely recommended. If you don't know K-pop that well I'm sure you could make a similar playlist for the American Music communities!

Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet

This is such a catchy tune, and I love the video!

Milk by Red Light

Every time I hear this song I want to get up and dance! It's so much fun.

Movie Star by Zwei

This is Japanese, I've loved this band for many years. Beware though! All their music will be stuck in your head.

Because I'm the Best- Hyuna

I listen to American music that's kind of similar to this in tone and style. I'm always amazed by her dancing too!

Love Game by Lim Kim

Honestly I'm both creeped out by the video and laughing out loud... this song really reminds me of the resurgence in the U.S. of vintage-inspired music.

Expect by Girls' Day

This is another song that just makes me want to dance! I sing along too because I'm a total goofball.

MTBD by 2NE1

I love this song. It's been on my running playlist for ages! The live version totally blows me away too.
I have a confession to make... I didn't listen to a lot of K-Pop before I found Vingle! I'd heard of a few bands, but I got totally caught up in all the passion that the Vingle k-poppers have. I'm totally hooked now. So thank you all for your recommendations ^_^
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Ahhh @shannonl5 I wish I could've seen this card sooner I love Kpop! Another song that would've went great with this week was Miss A's I Don't Need A Man. Love that song 馃槉
@DasiaB you can still do the challenge if you like! Just because the event is over doesn't mean we have to stop appreciating all the awesome women in the world :)
Wonderful. I shall try and make one and post it in the morning cause I have school work to finish right now 馃槄
@DasiaB yay! Yes school work first that's important!!! Tag me when you do though I'm looking forward to it :D
@shannonl5 I sure will XD