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"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. " - Emily Brontë
I found this cool photo and was really captivated by it. And then I read the quote, which made this all the more epic, in my opinion. How beautiful is this composition! Fit's perfectly with the quote.
I think this would make for a stunning engagement card. It's so different from the saccharine type of cards we're all used to seeing.
And not to be morbid, it reminds me of the open title sequences from both seasons of True Detective.
Anyone else feeling this photo and the quote?
I absolutely love it!! especially the quote. it's so perfect. love the idea of thinking of two seperate souls as one conjoined soul.
THAT IS MY FAVORITE ROMANTIC QUOTE from a novel. haha don’t mind me. I just love this. and I think the image is a perfect fit for the quote.
So glad you gals approve and love it as much as me (maybe even more)!
of course I approve!! it's perfect.
GAH you know I'm feeling this one, @marshalledgar :))) I love that idea too @jordanhamilton. The idea of finding a kindred spirit in the world makes life feel a whole lot less lonely :)