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Riding along looking for those scumbags "The Clowns" Kaneda came across something unbelievable blocking his path along the outskirts of Neo-Tokyo...
At first he thought it might be some sort of giant plant or perhaps an earthquake had brought up some toxic crap from beneath the city... since most of Neo Tokyo was built on the ruins of old Tokyo - destroyed in a nuclear blast.
That's when he realized it was alive... like breathing and all. It was some sort of giant furry Kaiju!
It must of been over 100ft long and it looked like some sort of crazy giant cat-like Kaiju! He decided to ride around to the other side of it to see if he could get a better look. From what Kaneda could see it looked to be trapped under the rubble of a fallen building.
It was still alive, but thankfully trapped.
He dared to ride a little closer and that's when it moved. Realizing it might break free, Kaneda raced out of there. "Man! This area of Neo-Tokyo is insane!"