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Crazy Woman Sues Her 8 Year Old Nephew Because He "Hugged Her Too Hard"
Today's WTF news comes from Bridgeport, Connecticut, where a woman named Jen Connell unsuccessfully sued her nephew for "hugging her too hard" at his 8th birthday party 4 years ago.
Apparently the nephew jumped into auntie Jen's arms and caused her to fall backwards and break her wrist.

The nephew, Sean Tarla's, mother had passed away last year.


The jerk asked for 127,000 dollars in damages for some effing reason, and decided it would be worth everyone's time and effort to take the ridiculous matter to court.

She claimed that "it was hard to hold the hors d’oeuvre plate" at several parties she attended. And it was really difficult for her to get around Manhattan, where she was living.


It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that this woman is insane. Like, where are your priorities lady? This kids just trying to have fun at his birthday party. He was excited to see you, so he jumped on you, as little kids do. You fell, got hurt. It's not a big deal. It's not like you suffered brain damage or anything, you broke your wrist.
Get over yourself.

It's no surprise that jurors didn't give a shit about this woman's inability to get around at parties. They ruled in favor of little Sean.

Thank God justice was served. If she'd won...I'd move the hell out of this country immediately.

What do you guys think!?

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JUSTICE IS BEING SERVED!! *mutters* For once.
2 years ago·Reply
this country's court system is already fucked up anyway. when someone who is trying to rob your house falls through your ceiling and get injured and sue and win....that's just wrong. Its almost worth just killing someone that comes into your house just to know that they won't be able to sue you for something...when its your own house with them being uninvited....
2 years ago·Reply
I think this might traumatize a child.
2 years ago·Reply
True @EasternShell so true hahah I'm glad she didn't get a dime! And @Shiaiyuki you're right oo. It is wrong. Morally wrong.
2 years ago·Reply