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A man who kills with just a smile. A smile that makes any girl go crazy. Like for real.... Just look and please tell me u are smiling too lol 😁
Getting down and dirty!!! Welll damnnnn ... Can i join?! 😆
Dont matter what he do!!!! Always will be fine and cute😘 GD baby ❤️
@marilovexoxo same here but i jad a chance to touch his hand and i said "i love you" and he said it back too!!!! Whooooo girl my heart was having a heartattack!!!! And i still cant get over it
@Marilovexoxo I envy you so much, to actually see GD in person *sighs* Probably an indescribable experience * sighs*
There is just something about him that is so magnetic! You can't look away!
@LinnyOk yes! indescribable and emotional lol idk why but Jiyong has a crazy effect on me
yes!!! GD is seriously the most perfect thing ever!! and seeing him in person WILL KILL YOU! Trust me I havent been able to recover
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