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I would love to hear from all the brides out there (past and present) to share their dress stories!
Bridal gowns are probably one of the hardest things to shop for. For most this is the ONE BIG DAY you get to look stunning with all eyes on you. Regardless of the style of dress you're all about, what was the moment like for you when you FOUND THE DRESS and said YES?!?!
Please share your stories and whatnot in the comments below.
I remember distinctly, when my sister was engaged, she was in Japan at the time and decided to wait to get the dress for her wedding back in the USA. And I remember how low maintenance she seemed about the whole experience. She just figured she'd find a dress and be done with the whole matter. Mind you, she didn't look at one bridal magazine during the planning process. (Don't ask me how she managed that feat!)
Then I get a phone call from my mom who was crying! I'm like, is everything okay?! Turns out, my sister burst into tears--sobbing, snot-nose, ugly-cry--because she was overwhelmed by the surge of emotions that came over her when she tried on the sixth dress. Of course, this brought my mom to tears and they shared a really beautiful moment.
That was her moment. What was your moment like?