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So some may not guess by how active I am in the comments section but I have serious social anxiety which stems from being ostracized many years ago in school. Kind of like a certain few characters in my teenage romcom snafu. (If you haven't seen it, I recommend it).
I also tend to really like people here but I never initiate interactions because of my fear and I also tend to push people away.... I'm sorry.... -_-...
I really do hope that I make friends here. I'm just shy so it might take me some time. :)
and... There's a photo of me... right now blowing off sleep in this hotel room...after two snakebites.. (don't worry, it's a drink)
@Maighdlins its ok ill live just tired of getting stabbed in the back and us who love anime stick together and look out for each other as we all share a special bond that normal people cant understand
No need to apologize. I totally get the interaction stuff, it's hard sometimes. But I am really glad you joined us over here at Vingle \(^_^)/
you might be one of like 3 people I've met who even know what a snakebite is. and also, Itotally feel you on the not wanting to initiate stuff. I understand that feeling. I've found it a lot easier on vingle though. everyone is so dope, and supportive!
@Maighdlins if it makes you feel any better i was just kicked out of my appt by my roommates after covering rent for them the same day
@MaighdlinS it's all good, as many of us (don't want to assume haha) think from watching anime, we enjoy girls like that :). We all, will just be the ones to help you along :3
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