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@ChosenKnight I would LOVE to see that! There were some great stories in there, I think a live-action adaptation would be perfect @purplem00n23 so true. It must be so frustrating to be an actress and feel like you have to fight your peers for roles when the guys in the industry seem to have their pick (comparatively anyway).
@shannonl5 me too!! @shannonl5 *gasp* that would be amazing! @purplem00n23 yes, I agree. We need a great, girl power, superhero movie!
@shannonl5 seriously. as long as the people producing the movie know why they're doing it could really be something fresh and exciting.
@ButterflyBlu @ChosenKnight @purplem00n23 agreed! I know some female centric movies have ended up totally failing (*cough* Sucker Punch) and part of that is that the people in control of those projects don't really know what they're doing. But we're really due for a great girl power superhero movie! Waiting for Captain Marvel is... it just feels like not enough, you know?
@shannonl5 it's not enough because finally we are getting Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman. But why is it finally??? These movies should all ready be out amd more sbould be in the works!!