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What is this wonderful Game you ask? Well I'll tell you all about it!!!

In This Game anyone who wants to play

gets to make their very own Pirate Crew!

Yes, you get to choose your own special crew! You can even create your must-have Jolly Roger!

[[ I -would- like to see people make their own Cards just for this challenge,
but in all honesty it's not a HUGE deal if you don't!
Just list your crew and give a brief explanation of what your
Jolly Roger would look like in the comments.
We'll still love to see it! I want this to be Fun-friendly for everyone.
If you make a card, perhaps link it in the comments
or however you wish to post it so everyone can see. :)) ]]
How does it work? First, you pick your crew members. (You can only have 9 total!)
The fun in this challenge is you get to choose ANY character you want.
What I mean by that is you may choose any character from a Manga or Anime!!
Yes that's right. We are not just sticking to One Piece,
we are going all over the place in search of a preference-specific crew.
[[ Now just a reminder, even if someone else chooses a character you wanted;
it doesn't matter. You can choose whoever you want.
There is no limit just because someone else thought of someone first.
Sharing is caring. ;) ]]

Awwww, Luffy no crying!

We'll make you proud with our Crews! XD

Let me Introduce you to My Chosen Band of Pirates.

Hell Pirate's Jolly Roger

Crew Name: "Hell Pirates"


1) "Sebastian Michaelis" (Kuroshitsuji) "I'm just one Hell of a Pirate."
- I chose Seb as my Captain because I believe he's the most resourceful out of this bunch. He's had plenty of lifetimes to sharpen his skills and unlike the others -He lives on taking Souls. So though Victory isn't a rushed thing in his case, he still needs the occasional taste. His contracts would come in handy where human flaws and vices are concerned and could use many people to his own advantage. And when it comes to getting something done, let's face it he does it all with unlimited grace and in a timely manner. Being a Demon I'm sure other than the usual skills shown from Kuroshitsuji, he's got a lot more Painful methods shoved up his impeccable sleeves. His true form is also an unsightly scene to behold; if we want intimidation he's got it. I think in all he would work well with everyone simply because his lack of usual emotions don't cloud his objective.

My Crew:

2) "Yoruichi Shihōin" (Bleach)
- I chose this lovely gal for two reasons only. One, Sebastian loves felines. So she's endless entertainment for our Demon Senchou. And two, she's disgustingly fast. Seeing as I passed up Minato for Naruto, I can at least keep some form of speed from her. She's intelligent and witty, which I feel would go well with this strange bunch and their personalities. She can take a good tease and return it in full.
3) "Toriko" (Toriko)
-I wanted some real beefy muscle on our crew, so Toriko was the best option for me. Toriko relies on his sheer physical strength to capture his targets. He also utilizes his inhuman sense of smell, which has been said to surpass that of a dog's, in order to locate and gather information about his targets. The Gourmet Cells within Toriko can determine which devil awakens depending on his situation and it is shown that while his Gourmet Cells chose to manifest and awaken his current Appetite Demon, which is deemed the Red Demon (赤鬼 Aka Oni), if the current devil deems itself unable to fight, the Gourmet Cells can awaken the second Appetite Devil, deemed the Blue Demon (青鬼 Ao Oni). He's one extremely intimidating dude. But out of this crew, he's probably the sweetest and most polite of all personalities. He'll most likely be teased for this, but he can certainly match humor for humor. Only problem about Toriko I see is the man -has- to eat. And By eat I mean Chow the heck down. His cells need the nourishment. [But then the same could be said for Luffy and his meat.]
4) "Gintoki Sakata" (Gintama)
-Gintoki is a comic relief sort of character, but when it comes down to business he can get the job done in one way another. He's know to cheat and trick his way through situations if it means he doesn't have to fight; but if there is no other way Gintoki is a very scary white demon. His personality goes from fun to Deadly in a few seconds. Don't let the fact that he indulges on sweets all day fool you. His resolve is unshakable and so is his weapon, whether it's his usual bokuto or a 'real' sword/ katana. For the most part he's just laid-back, lazy and loves to sleep.
5) "Naruto Uzumaki" (Naruto/Shippuden)
- I don't even want to explain all this. Let's just say It's Naruto. How could I not want him? His power to move people is unmacthed, along with his determination and his thirst for becoming better at anything and everything. He's both seasoned and innocent in many ways.
6) "Masamune Date" (Sengoku BASARA)
"The One-Eyed Dragon"
Carving up faces and balls as a katana-wielding 16th-century samurai warlord is probably one of the most badass things human beings have ever done. (There's just something inherently flippin' cool about dudes in big scary plate armor slicing off joints with razor-sharp swords, screaming through a field of battle knee-deep in the blood of their fallen enemies.) In light of all this, no man fully exemplifies the full spectrum of hardcore awesome samurai title quite like the unmatchable Date Masamune – a mighty, almost-legendary swordsman and general who fought his first battle at fifteen, was never defeated in single combat with the enemy, wore an eyepatch made from the hilt of a samurai sword, and was so over-the-top Money Mayweather swanky that his name is still used as an synonym for "big pimpin’" in Japan to this very day. >_< This dude knows how to Party. He can drink anyone under the table and loves arm wrestling. He'll motivate his comrades in any way possible; mostly because he doesn't like wusses or any show of weakness. He's a huge pain in the rear to the say the least, but he'll be respected. The guy has 6 swords- and can use them. What's -not- to be respected?
7) "Johnny Rayflo" (Vassalord)
I've said it before Ladies and jellyspoons. I'm a sucker for...The Bloodsuckers. Rayflo is my ultimate eye candy and playful undead pirate. Another character that has lived for longer than needed, and has seen things that no one needs to ever see. Though sunlight is an obvious problem, you'll never find a better night watchman, spy and assassin than this thirsty Vampire. His familiars are also helpful, seeing as they have capabilities not so unlike their Master.
8) "Aokiji" (One Piece)
-I love this lazy man with the stare that can turn you to ice. Literally. I just wanted him because he's so darn Cool. (The puns, the puns! xD)
9) "Sinbad" (Magi/Sinbad no Bouken)
My Navigator. His leadership ability is high, so he's very trusted. If there is one thing a Pirate loves, it's treasure. Sinbad has it all. This group will never be broke. He loves drinking, partying and women. He's known to charm anyone to get what he wants; if that doesn't work he uses his enemy's weakness against them. He's a very calculating individual. He is extremely skilled in swordplay as well as Magoi Manipulation, and has decent martial arts skills as well. Djinn Equips galore, he's ready for a fight. Although never explicitly stated, Sinbad is able to use Rukh to his advantage in times of need. This was most seen in his youth when he would be able to "read the flow of the waves" and escape deadly storms that would have otherwise capsized most other sailors.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Crew!
Have fun and get creative!!
There is no time limit to this Game. I'll keep it open!
Tagging starts now!
@RosePark no. Mine!! :P @Danse I told you Sebastian was the way to go!! <3 <3 He's just one hell of Everything! :D
well here's mine vash the stampede - trigun mustang- full metal alchemist akuto sai- demon king daimou erza Scarlet- fairy tale kenpachi- bleach pain- naruto one punch man- one punch man raoh- fist of the north star nine tail kyuubi- naruto as ship let our crew name would be Bloodbound Barristers
yeah.. this will take me a minute.. give me some time -_-
@Danse I do have to say amazing idea, I'm trying to do something similar with some people who started a join fairy tail crew. You crew sounds pretty solid too, I'd have to add rurouni kenshin for a true swordsman though. Ha is the legendary batousai after all lol. Awesome clip tho!
A crew of 9? Lets see... => Captain => Naruto Uzumaki, 1st Mate: Ace, Crew: Gohan (kid version: X factor), Harishama Senju (heavy hitter), Nami (navigator), Yasopp (sniper), Dr. Brief (Bulma's father: shipwright), Ash Ketchum (controls army of powerful animal fighters), and ZORO (the alcoholic)
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