So who else is going to the Nashville, TN animecon? I'm going with @KittyCommittee and another friend who's not on here. Comment if you're going and tag who you're going with!! Also, if you're displaying comment who you're going as. @KittyCommittee is Mai Taniyama from Ghost Hunt, and I'm Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket.
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@AngelicaAlainz Yeah, no problem! You might want to look it up, just in case my memory failed me.
@matildajgarrett Okay. Will do. 馃槉
This sounds super cool. Have fun and share your experiences with Vingle when you're done :)
@poojas we totally will!!!!! I didn't think such a judgement free site even existed before I found vingle. ITS AWESOME
@KittyCommittee Glad to hear that and happy to have ya here!