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If you're a lipstick fan, you're in for a sweet surprise.

For those of you lipstick lovers who aren't already hip to the amazing wonders of lip liner, now is the time to get hip. If you apply your lipstick correctly than I'm pretty sure that you apply liner to your lips before you apply your lipstick, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. As much as we love a good lipstick, you can now have the luxury of amazing lips for a low price by choosing a lip liner instead. Just think of it as a matte lipstick minus the stick -- instead it's a pencil.
Begin by exfoliating your lips [that's always a must]. Apply a bit of chapstick and then add your lip liner of choice. My favorite liner at the moment is one by NYX and let's just say I am obsessed, but you have to stay tuned for your Friday faves to hear more about that. If you're interested in trying out a lip liner in place of your lipstick, keep scrolling to see what amazing shades you have the option of choosing between. Trust me, you wallets and your lips will thank you.

Heroine Lip Liner By MAC Cosmetics

Chocolate Lip Liner By NYX Cosmetics

Whirl Lip Liner By MAC Cosmetics

Dragon Girl Lip Liner By NARS Cosmetics

Would you give your lipstick a rest for lip liner?

Chime in ladies.
@LAVONYORK it's always the ones who say that, that are the greediest...I should
Why can't money fall from trees @marshalledgar lol just for like two days, I won't be greedy :p
I've been using lip liner for almost 3 yrs lol, and some lip gloss here and there.
Good deal @lavonyork! There are a lot of great products out there, just not enough $$$$ to get them all! :( :( :( :(
@marshalledhar I love NARS foundation, I found one that can help with the scars from my surgery! They are great!
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