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Enrique is not only one the most loved, popular, and successful Latin star -- he is a singer that made history. His song "Bailando" has over a billion views! According to Fox News Latino, this is the only Spanish song to make into the Billion Viewers Club on YouTube. GO ENRIQUE! The song was released back in 2014 and it's features Cuban singers Descemer Bueno and and the reggaeton band Gente de Zona.
I can totally understand why it broke a YouTube record! "Bailando" is one my favorite songs because it has so much love, culture, and an element of nostalgia for me. It just reminds me of celebration and family. It expresses the relaxed, fun, and exciting part of the Latin culture.
Even though the song is about romantic love, the video definitely expresses much more than that.
I remember when the song was first released, I was playing the song on a loop repeat. Let's dance. <3
This is the song I played in my wedding. Everyone was dancing like crazy!
DANCING FOR DAYS. The one thing that bugs me about this music video is the fact he’s wear a hat all the why? lol
makes me want to dance nowwww
Yes, it's my favorite video/song <3 <3 <3
Ahhhh yay!! I can see why thought. this song is so catching and all the dancing in the video is so so fun!
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