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The ocean is a pretty splendid place. And it just a got a little bit cooler (get it?). Divers off the coast of Portugal discovered a GIANT sunfish.
These fish are pretty common, but they are rarely seen in the wild this large.
Can you imagine swimming up to this creature in the ocean? I would just think it was a mini whale.

Check out the video below.

In addition to the super-amazing bioluminescent turtle discovered last month, it’s pretty clear there are still creatures we do not know about the the ocean. And if we do not take measures to protect our ocean, we many not be able to see this unique creatures.
Here are some more beautiful unique fish that populate the ocean:

Let’s keep them alive shall we?

All my fishie friends :)
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whoa cool! I love when new animals get discovered
@nicolejb one of the reasons why I can't swim is that I know that there are fishes under the sea haha and they might bite me or something. Am I weird for being like this? But I do care about the environment a lot. I can look at them that's fine but I'm afraid to touch them haha.
Hahaha no I think we all have our fears. @WiviDemol for some people it’s heights, or small spaces, or fire. for you, it’s fishies XD haha no but I get that. It’s scary because you can’t see what might be coming. it’s like the fear of the unknown.
Nice Fish! 🐠
I told you, he's fabulous @AkashBhojraj ;)