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Forgotten anime

so I watched this anime a little bit ago by complete mistake. I was at a store and saw the first dvd for about $3 so I though I'd add it to my collection. actually started to re watch it again since it's not really long and it's pretty funny. ( 20 episodes ) 1999-2000
as soon as it starts you will recognize about 3 voices from anime you surely must have watched ( inuyasha) if not what are you waiting for! any way but yeah I liked the fondness of listening to my inuyasha voice as the anime starts.
the characters are fun and eccentric, very eccentric! you might find the story line to be off but then again that's probably why it had to have an end, however I do see that there could have been a way to continue it.
also this is the original anime that had food names for its characters ( I'm talking about chowder) I find that very cute too.
I love this character, does not appear as much as I would like but he is a teacher and a vampire but the students don't know that, or atleast he thinks that anyway lol
I really like these scenes of love that pop out of no where with debra and capt mericada ! anyway it's a must watch funny anime, its short and and like most.. it will leave you disappointed there is no more =)
You welcome!
@electica It was good it better as I watched it
I like it, many people don't lol@derrickaldana
I watched this before a while ago
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