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I remember when I was junior in high school and working at Party City, my boss kept scheduling me to be at the store during hours I was obviously still supposed to be in class - and then told me it was MY responsibility to find someone to 'cover my shift'.

What was the worst boss you ever had like?

@fallendendenjr My last boss used to call me 'Double D'... because my initials are D.D.... hence my username being DaniDee.. lol
@danidee idk to be honest probly cause im nice and a big guy lol hes kinda weird like that. my previous department manager called me panda xD
@fallendendenjr LOL that's so weird. Why does he call you his cuddly bear? And omg @Ash2424701 I got fired at a 3 AM shift once. I showed up and my boss was waiting for me in the parking lot... o.o
Fired me the day before Christmas. that was a harsh day for me.
some of my bosses at walmart are like that. lucky for me my asst manger likes me. he calls me his cuddly bear xD
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