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This is my top 5 anime in my opinion... top 5 as in like... ever. Ask if you have questions.
#5: Wolf's Rain Starting off with my favorite older anime (it at least looks like one) Wolf's Rain is set following 4 wolves disguised as humans to make mankind believe that they are extinct. But secretly they're traveling the world to deliver the moon flower, the key to paradise which only wolves can enter, before the world dies out. This is definitely for a more mature audience to watch as the meanings of things are a bit tough to comprehend. but I'd still say watch it... 10/10... wish I could say IGN approved but I could be sued...
#3/4: Parasyte the Maxim I couldn't decide the 3rd anime so a tie. Parasyte follows Shinichi who has an alien parasite in his arm. He runs into other hosts who've been victimized but died through the process. they are cannibalizing every human they can. it deals as Shinichi loses his humanity and has to keep his secret. rather bloody and lots of feels.
#3/4: Elfen Lied Elfen Lied follows Kouta as he finds a girl who's forgotten even the basics of childrens knowledge. But she's also the next bit of human evolution and from time to time, remembers her murderous other. It's very gory yet has the feels.
#2: The Monogatari Series Monogatari follows Araragi Koyomi, an ex-vampire, as he tries to help people who've been cursed. It also builds him a harem. I rate it so well because it's anything but normal. I love even the greatness of the artwork. I leave the rest for you.
#1: Mirai Nikki This is my favorite anime ever. Future Diary is an anime about 12 contestants fighting for a place as god as the old one is passing and each hold diaries that tell the future. But if the diary breaks, they die. The main character, Amano Yukiteru, is the first contestant but has a stalker with the biggest secret ever. I can't ever get over any bit of it. A lot of what the creator put into it is "this is thr reality of the world" type stuff. It has it's elements of horror, gore, and psychological problems but I should stop before I die of starvation. But I can't do this anime a review that would give it justice. But a must for yandere.
Great top 5! Mirai nikki was absolutely incredible. I'll definitely have to check out the monogatari series
5) Berserk because of the manga 4) Hunter X Hunter 3) Bleach 2) D-Gray Man 1) Naruto
@CarlosG at least it's not corpse party
@Ash2424701 it definitely has a good start but some people get "bored" with it but I've forced them to watch the whole thing and then they liked it. basically watch the whole thing.
mine would only have two. 1.fairytail 2.dbz
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