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Makoto Shinkai's "Dareka no Manazashi" Made Me Miss My Parents
I'm a big fan of Makoto Shinkai's animation style and shorts; his melancholic soundtracks; the way he portrays really real people doing really normal things. What that sometimes means for me, however, is tears and feels. Lots and lots of feels.
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Here's Dareka no Manazashi (Someone's Gaze)!

It's under 8 minutes long, but it's really, really good. You get a taste of Makoto Shinkai's style (those skies! that music! the every-dayness of it all!), but also a pretty good story. A pretty relatable story. It's just too realistic to not cause you to feel something, or to miss somebody.
I hadn't really thought much about whether or not I would miss my parents after moving out -- during college, it didn't feel like I had moved out, it felt more like a long vacation. Now that I'm really living on my own and quite far from my family (seeing them 1, maybe 2 times a year) I've come to have a much bigger appreciation for the time we do spend together.
So while I was watching Dareka no Manazashi, I felt my eyes start watering, sending me over the edge just a little bit. Sometimes, it's ok to miss your parents.

Don't forget to send your family and friends who you don't see often a reminder that you miss them!

Hey, send them this card if you feel like it.
(Also, just in case you missed it, Mii-san the cat is the one who was narrating the short!!! so cute!!)
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