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Hey Vingle Anime Fam!!!

We're now halfway through October, which means we are all that much closer to the time of the giveaway!

For those of you who maybe aren't aware of it, here's the original card. In any case, I thought it would be prudent to make this card to outline the best ways for anybody to win the giveaway! It seems like maybe there could be some confusion about the whole shebang.

This is an example of "Top Comments".

Specifically, from the orginal card.

Basically, a comment is considered eligible to be a Top Comment once it reaches 10 likes. After that, a max of three comments are given the designation of Top. Since the objective of this giveaway is to get the most 'liked comments', then part of that could be getting Top Comments.


Your comments do not need to be "Top" comments all the time to win. The giveaway is all about having the most liked comments. Take a look at this picture. None of these comments are technically "Top Comments" but they all do still have likes. These are "popular comments" You can find the popular comments on the web and the app with the little tab in the top right corner of the comments section. These are the popular comments for @NasiePawz's card. (Sorry to call out your card as example!) Even though they aren't Top Comments, @KyleSearl @HeidyAgramonte @Ash2424701 @ChUnKyChAgA @KennethKroell all have the most popular comments on the card anyway. They are the most liked comments of this card. This is the most important part of the giveaway.

I hope you're all following me so far!

The last thing I want to say is this:

Everybody should be commenting more and liking each other's comments!

You don't have to like every comment, obviously, just the ones you find funny, or interesting, or insightful, or whatever you feel. But it seems like a lot of comments aren't getting many likes, and there aren't too many comments flying around either. I think the best way for us all to be better friends in this animu family of ours is to communicate with each other in positive and supportive ways. The easiest way to do that is to comment on each other's cards and stuff. Not to mention, it will be hard to try and win the giveaway if you aren't commenting and liking. Who's going to want to give out likes if they aren't getting likes? So let's all make this community the dopest community on Vingle and support each other. And heck, maybe get a cool figurine out of it too XD
I see my name and picture!! Does that mean I'm popular now?
I like how people aren't bothering to like other comments anyways, it totally makes this game more interesting. <----*Insert sarcasm here.*
tee hee I am not social enough to win these. ;p but thanks for the tips.
#anime4lfe. >_<
This was extremely helpful and I can't wait to see who wins! Good luck to everyone on here!
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