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This man is married with children. He and his family attend the same church I go to. I teach his children sign language on Sundays. I'm on the choir that he and wife directs. The messages in the above screenshot made me very uncomfortable and I think it was inappropriate. The second image is the picture he was referring to. So I sent this guy a message (twice-once in the choir group and once privately,both on WhatsApp) and he ignored me,which I think is quite immature for someone of his status.
What do you think? @alywoah @danidee @TessStevens @allischaaff and all vinglers (sorry,my lazy brain can't remember anymore names)
@TessStevens I didn't respond to the messages and he ignored me when I asked about choir practice. That just goes to show that he's a really immature creep;@danidee thus the reason I wouldn't even attempt to talk to him about it.All we've ever talked about is church stuff....As I said,we're not any kind of friends...not friends at all.Maybe he's trying to be a friend(and a funny one at that-look at the emoticons),but...no!
This is suuuper awkward. But at least u tried to contact him. If he ignored you then he prob I'd just immature or extremely embarrassed for his actions.
@alywoah I know. I KNOW.
@alywoah I've just had too much experience with creepy married guys :|||
I'd probably tell him to stop being awkward in a friendly way. I've had married guy friends do this to me too, but by playfully being like "Hahaha, awkward.", they realized it was my passive way of creating a boundary. If he doesn't get that hint, I'd get more direct.
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