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I know it's way too early to write about Christmas stuff (I mean, the American Tradition: Black Friday and the Trampling of Consumers hasn't even happened yet) but Bill Murray is awesome and I love him and this isn't really about Christmas at all. It's about Bill Murray and if your life isn't constantly about Bill Murray then maybe you need to reevaluate yourself and your core values.
Anyway! Netflix released a little teaser trailer for A Very Murray Christmas (now that's a pun I can get behind) and it looks like Bill Murray is gathering all of his famous friends to put on some kind of weird musical about the Holiday Spirit or something. I don't care. I'm excited.
Brought to us by Sophia Coppola (Somewhere, Lost in Translation) and Netflix, I couldn't be more excited to watch something on Christmas. I can't even remember the last time I was excited about something Holiday-related.
And even though I have no idea what it's actually about or how it will be framed, I'm still pretty pumped to watch it. I haven't been disappointed with anything Netflix has been putting out these days and it seems like they're really trying hard when it comes to original content for their streaming service.
Personally, I think Netflix has been the pioneer when it comes to the future of consumable content online. And even though they've set the bar pretty high for themselves, they're still trying to find new ways to push the platform and I honestly think it'll work out in their favor.
A Very Murray Christmas is just another original piece of content in the long list of Netflix Originals that are planned/already available online now and I can't wait for it to come out.