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So thus week I decided to do my current waifu Rika Takanashi from Chuunibyou. Now this one may be kinda bias and maybe not. So gonna list the pros and cons and then a final verdict


She is incredibly adorable She's a very imaginative person She's fun to be around and lastly she's the Eye of the Wicked Lord. That's frigging awesome!


She can be annoying at times She's not the brightest and she's a little whiney

Final Verdict

I love Rika so much from her crazy illusions to her whineyness but that's me not you. looking at her in an unbiased way she probably doesn't fit everyone's "perfect waifu" Because of the annoying and lack of plot. So imma give her two ratings

A+(my bias rating) or B-(Unbiased rating)

Sorry I didn't do anyone's request I've yet to watch the anime from the request and I am sorry maybe next time I won't be so lazy and actually research for next week see ya!
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@VinMcCarthy it has to do with her little illusions that she thinks that she has the Eye of the Wicked Lord which is the source of her power but in reality it's just behind the eyepatch is just a golden colored contact xD
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I love Rika lol this was such a cute anime and the best part is is that it's not too short. I actually ended up watching the second season first on accident because crunchyroll has them separate
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Rika is one of the cutest girl
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just wondering what anime is that
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@kibainuzuka Chuunibyou is the anime
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