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I'm new to vingle! yay! well I'll be posting things when I can ∩__∩
I'd thought I start off by telling you 10 things about me so here we go!
1 . I love kpop is literally life, I mean it's bae
2. this is a random one but my Korean name Is Moon Seo Eun
3. I love anime as well
4. this photo literally describes me
5. I love all this bands, I love bvb, never shout never, bring me the horizon, green day, one republic, ghost town and too many to name
6. I had blue hair before in the summer, but unfortunately I had to dye it back to brown (╥_╥)
7. im that one person in the group eating.
8. haikyuu and EXO mixed together.in call me baby. my favorite things. I.just.died. of. happiness.
9. I wish I was that girl in this video, but God bless her, she probably had a peaceful death
10. JORDAN SWEETO IS MY TWIN. we could be the same person , that's how much we are alike. I love my digital escape , you should look them up on YouTube :-) so this is the last fact, hope you learned more about me and I hope you guys follow me and ❤ my posts
WELCOME!! It's cool to meet people who like Kpop AND bands like Green Day!!!!
welcome friend!! just like @kpopandkimchi said, it is good to see someone who likes both kpop and other music as well. I love all sorts of music, excluding country though..., and I love to draw, sing, dance and watch anime. and I would love to dye my hair, but my parents won't let me... hope we can get to know each other more and become good friends! 😊
welcome to vingleee!
Welcome! We have much in common, I hope we can chat sometime!
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