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When I see @Roxy1903 uploaded a new Kpop meme card. I don't know how she finds all of these, but I get soo happy!!
I laugh so hard -- and save all of them to show my non-vingler friends. I usually look stupid smiling at my phone so my friends snatch it and make me pay attention during class :/
but some of them are too funny and I can't look at it much longer until the tears start fallin.
but I get soo happy ♡ my phone's almost out of storage space bc I have too many pics of all my biases (mainly d.o) and kpop memes.
so thanks @Roxy1903 !!! everyone should save these and read them at 3am -- they're a billion times funnier then when you're supposed to be cramming for midterms
*awkward hug bc I'm not a hugging type person*
The feels 😍. Thank you so much, you just made my day. I didn't think anybody would ever do this. As long as I'm on Vingle I'll keep posting kpop memes, and othet things lol. Again, thank you so much, this means so much to me 😊 *returns hug*
Literally anything with Siwon's face on it is too much for me to take ahhahhaha