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How to know you're falling in love??? You start to feel something different and something strange happens in your heart you can see who you do not know you love it ... Funny how begin to worry if you do not see it if you do not hear it or not talk to him .. Suddenly all your life changed because of it .. And if you see him talking or laughing if anyone else starting to get annoyed and this is called jealousy ... If anything happened to any of you that he must know that he loved very much and finally fell into the trap of love .. You know why they call love blind?? Ancient story tells that once a man like a pretty much a lot and this girl loved someone else and married him .. The man broke his heart and got upset and sadness love said if you did not see how I liked it and let me be with her so I'll curse you you'd be blind by the end of the world is the story of blind love ... I want to say love is beautiful and painful at times, but worth to love someone and care for more than we take care of ourselves ...Remember, do not try to fall in love, you just fall without trying WITH LOVE SUZI...
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Thank you and I'm sorry I did not reply earlier because I had a lot of work >>
hmm love is not a monologue if it doesnt come from both sides it's not love...i think... nice post btw, you should tag to this party so more people can see your card :)