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Can I get an amen?

In honor of Ladies' Week, here are my top five favorite femslash fics!

No Bangs Without Foreign Office Approval

by recoknedrightly
Sherlock and Joan go through training together and go from friends to clandestine lovers lovers before separating to in France. There, they must pursue a British spy turned Nazi traitor, allying themselves with Resistance leaders, sticking to their cover and hiding from the Gestapo. And there *might* be an explosion or two along the way.
It’s 1942, and while London’s nights are no longer interrupted by air raid sirens, the war still rages and not all of it is fought openly. From its headquarters in Baker Street, the Special Operations Executive plans to set Europe ablaze with its networks of spies and saboteurs in Nazi-occupied territory. Joan Watson knows what it is to keep a secret, but she isn’t expecting to be recruited into the clandestine world of SOE. Nor is she prepared to meet Sherlock Holmes, a former private detective who has by her own admission ruined her own life at least three times over—and who has a murder to solve in Occupied France.

Read this if you want an incredibly researched historical drama.

A State of Love and Trust

by dreiser
After Wanda joins the Avengers, Natasha finds that she can’t look away.
Love and trust didn’t come easily to the Black Widow except, it seemed, when it involved the Scarlet Witch.

Read this if you want something passionate and beautiful.


Girls in Peacetime Go Dancing

by FeelsForBreakfast
So this is one giant genderswapped dance party. The war is over and everyone is going to be friends. After some bantering and forced companionship.
When the gang ends up back at Hogwarts for their 8th year, McGonagall proposes a Yule Ball to raise morale and promote inter-house unity. Unfortunately, that means obligatory dance lessons. Even more unfortunately, Harry’s a shit dancer and Draco doesn’t know the meaning of ‘follow.’ Feat. the mysteries of fiber art and the repeated butchering of Headmistress McGonagall’s name.

Read this if you want something lighthearted and hilarious.

17 Ways to Stay Alive

by Taste_of_Suburbia
Harley Quinn reflects on her troubled life, and the ways she’s seen pain and love intersect. Ivy is different, in a good way.
There’s more than one way to stay alive. Of course, there’s plenty of ways to have fun while you’re surviving too.

Read this if you're in the mood for a great recovery story.

The World Can Wait

by tat-buns
Korra and Asami are a fantastic couple. They are absolutely winning at being a couple. It's canon.
It’s been a long day. A long week, actually, and Asami can feel the weight of it all, her shoulders stiff, body and mind aching for release.

Read this if you want your jaw to drop.

All the awards for including a Korra and Asami fic. And I love to be reminded that it is cannon!!! Great card :)
@charlesnash lol I don't know anyone who doesn't, they rock!
who doesn't love korra and the gang.
@charlesnash yeah I really hope it happens I love the characters a lot
so the legend of korra....hmm, can't wait 4 that next season.
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