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Long haired girls aren't the only ones having fun.

If you happen to have short hair, it's officially your time to shine. No more mornings waking up trying to figure out what you're going to do with your hair and no longer will you stress about the hairstyles your hair is not long enough to create. You can still slay with short hair and these eight hairstyles [seen below] are proof.
Not only are they fly and stylish, but they are convenient and will take you no more than five minutes. Talk about leaving an open window to give yourself more time to perfect your makeup, and as women we all know how much we love extra time.
1950s glam is back. Wavy bobs are perfect and elegant. Let Lauren Conrad tell it.
The slick back look with a sleek low ponytail is classic.
You can definitely still do an undo on short hair and add some jewels as well.
Pinned up braids will have you feeling like Little House On The Prairie in style.
French and Dutch braids work perfectly with short hair.
Zendaya showed us how to rock an effortless crinkled bob with a bag.
Pompadours will never go out of style. No matter what your hair length.
Who said slicked backed hair had to be simple? Add some waves.

What's short hairstyle are you absolutely loving?