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So after I get really into a new Kpop group that I become I legit fan of, I decided who my bias is and everything is great. UNTIL I FIGURE OUT WHO MY BIAS RUINER IN THE GROUP IS!! I think I have a bias ruiner in every single group I stan... lol Kpop fan struggles
My bias in Block B is indeed B-Bomb! Be has a lot of charm, is a great dancers, and I really like his voice! ^^
I have discovered U-Kwon is my bias ruiner in Block B...he also has all this charm, is a good singer, and a great dancer...hes also one of those idols that has that really "real" feel to their personality. Kind of like Suga from BTS if you guys know what I mean? haha
But kind of the plus to favoriting these two, is they are such a great duo! They are the dancers in Block B and are part of the vocal line too! Their personalities fit well together and they kind of act like best friends ^^ haha love these guys really.