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The most amazing night of my life! It has been a week and some days after I saw my babies live and I still can't believe it actually happened! Like, I actually saw them in flesh, not behind a computer or TV screen but in real life and in real time. I was so excited that my sister had to record all the performances. I kept jumping and screaming and shaking from the excitement. I almost fell over to the crowd TWICE and we were sitting high up. I'm sure some people were annoyed by my actions but I really didn't care. My favorite people, my first kpop group were performing right before my eyes and no one's opinion was going to stop me from looking like an idiot. I still get excited when I rematch the videos which I am hoping to post soon, but man oh man, was it a great time. I kissed my sister a million times for buying the tickets and giving me the opportunity to see their pretty faces. I can't wait to see them again. Forever a VIP! P.s sorry it's so long and I know it's only GD and Taeyang but my phone, my phone kept dying and shutting off on me.
@thatkdramalover yes! he definitely is hes too perfect for words
@Marilovexoxo he has that power over many VIPs lol. I think it's just the way he carries himself and the fact that he works extra hard to make sure everyone and everything is going great so the VIPS can have a good time. He is the literal perfection.
@thatkdramalover me too!! i was fine(very excited) but fine when seungri, dae , top and taeyang came out for soundcheck but as soon as I saw GD i legitimately almost cried haha idk why but he was just soo perfect and the fact that he was right in front of me killed me
@Marilovexoxo yes girl! too perfect, I almost cried. They were amazing, I wish I could have gone to all their concerts, just follow them around the world lol.
weren't they perfect! ! I saw them in new jersey and I still cant get over how perfect they are in person!