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Happy people just have a certain glow about them. They're freer than sad people, they have more life in them. They tend to attract more people, get better jobs and ultimately they live fuller lives.
It's hard to get happy when you're on the other side...but if you can do a few things to get closer to it, well...then you're on the right track.

1. Happy people thank others.

There is an attitude of gratitude among happy people. If you can thank others for their efforts and be gracious when they compliment you, then you're truly comfortable enough to interact freely. Jealousy and hatred come when you're sad or anxious. So the converse is true for when you're happy.

2. Happy people value their friends.

People who are happy often are surrounded by friends right? That's because they really care for them. That's why they attract people, because somehow their energy invites others in. Happy people are good listeners who are there for their friends no matter what. There is loyalty to being happy, and loyalty to your friends helps that come to fruition.

3. Happy people know their limits.

If you're happy, you're probably in balance. This is a really hard thing to do when you're a young professional, in college or just starting your life. We're all thrown out of whack when we want things to go our way. But in order to be happy you have to know your limit and when it's time to put your work down and have some fun.

4. Happy people learn to forgive.

Forgiveness is really, really hard, especially if you've felt like you've been burned one too many times. Happy people can somehow TRULY forgive and forget. There's nothing half-cocked about it. It's real.

5. Happy people let things go.

If you're holding on to a lot of old news, you're never going to make anything new. So move forward instead of back. Try and listen to others and create a happier environment for yourself.

Being happy is a state of mind, so once you try to change that state: you'll be on your way!

happy doesn't cost a thing...and a smile can be's to being happy..cheers
Thats what all we should do.Move on from our dark past n let go n be happy.We deserve to be happy like others do.Happiness is just a matter of CHOICE.
I love this :3 I think I'm a very happy soul
I am all these things. The disadvantage though is that some people tend to despise it and treat happy people badly,but as the saying goes, misery loves company
Yes @allischaaff loyalty is number one for me. If you can stick with your friends through thick and thin...and thinner...then you know you're in it for the long haul
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