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Do you have a favorite?
I am more of a hole-in-the-wall eatery kind of girl. I love small, family-owned places because they most often get the food just right. However, in Miami, one of my favorite Cuban restaurants would be Versailles. It's pretty much the standard -- a lot of people like the place, and for good reason. The food there is really good, the prices are reasonable, and the portions are very large. There's also a Colombian place that I enjoy in Miami, but I cannot remember name! Besides the restaurants, I do enjoy street food. When I was going to school located in downtown Miami, there were a few of them in the area -- a lot of arepa food carts, too (my favorite).
OH! And there was a Dominican food place in NYC that I enjoyed going to, when I visited during this past summer. It's called Alex Luncheonette, and it's located in Bushwick. It's a Dominican hole-in-the-wall eatery with authentic Dominican food.
Mannnn the Latin food in New York City was SO GOOD. Honestly, I think that food out there was better than the places in Miami. But I think it's because New York City does have more of a variety of foods. The food in Miami is mostly made up from Latin countries in the Caribbean; it's more difficult to find authentic food places inspired by the Mexican or Peruvian cuisine in Miami.
My favorite Latin restaurant would have to be a small joint, I think it's called "Mi Cocina". I prefer my home cooked Latino meals 馃槈 lol
@danidee mostly carne con chile with nopal but like as something small we eat quesadillas de masa not with tortillas, tastes so much better
@KpopGaby What does your mom make the most?
I bet @alywoah I mean, my mom's food is decent enough for you to not pass out lol
Yeah, it just depends. I can always find very cheap breakfast out here. I haven't found a really good Puerto Rican restaurant in south Florida. My mom isn't the best cook, by my abuela's cooking is AMAZINNGG.
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