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Actress Park Min Young recently said the reason why she is willing to appear on TV dramas. On May 17, Park attended a press conference for MBC’s new weekend series Dr. Jin at Lotte Hotel in Seoul. Park, who appeared on KBS’s series Glory Jae In, chose Dr. Jin as her next work. She said, “I was working hard nonstop for about one and half years. But I got to take a break for four months. I wanted to rest more but if I have a good series to appear, I think I should start working again.” She said, “I don’t have any special way to build up my physical strength. I sleep well and eat well when I’m shooting the series. Then I become a superhuman. I think every actor and staff member do the same thing too. When I start shooting the series, I gain strength automatically.” Park plays the double role of a lady named Hong Young Lae from Joseon Dynasty and a surgeon named Yoo Mi Na in 2012. Yoo is a bubbly woman, who is in a relationship with Song Seung Hun (plays the role of Jin Hyuk). Hong is a strong woman who shows strong maternal love. The series is a fantasy medical drama based on the Japanese comic book written by Murakami Motoka with the same title. It is about a modern day Korean surgeon, who goes back in time to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s, and works there as a doctor. The first episode will air on May 26. Source: TV Report via