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Okay people. I officially feel old after looking at this. LoL
I drew this in 2005. What does that say to you? .........

I'm a Huge Naruto fan, that's what!! :P

What cha think of my artwork?
Did you see I even laminated the thing so it didn't get ruined
so I could look at years later when I was wrinkled and grey? *laughs*
I even did a close up of my terrible signature back then. Initials. looooooool
((And just so you guys know, I didn't realize that the positioning
is a little bit awkward with these two, so don't bash me too hard for that.... T_T
This is not my ship yo!))
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Damn those 90s sniffing parties.
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looks like naruto getting buttfuck dry had to say it
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Hey now, watch it @RyuzakiLawliet. That's inappropriate. :P I warned that the positioning is a bit off.
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