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Happy Birthday love!! You are the most wonderful beautiful soul within a person that I've ever seen. Your music, smile, and laughter has brought me countless moments of joy over the years and I thank you from the bottom of my heart oppa! Even though you have to go away for awhile, it isn't forever and this loyal ELF isn't going to go anywhere! I'll be waiting for you, Eunhyuk~ssi, and Siwon~ssi to come back to us safe and healthy. Oppa Hwaiting!!
My three boys all going away at (roughly) the same time... *sniffles* please be careful! The dynamic duo has to split up for now... it's gonna be weird not seeing them together. Heenim doesn't really want them to have to go either! Donghae~ssi, EunHyuk~ssi, Siwon~ssi ELFs will be waiting for you!