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Day 12: I am the Best - 2NE1 & Overdose - Exo (It's the fourth for some reason) Day 13: Love Song - Rain (WATCH IT!!!! You'll thank me!!! YAASSS!!!!) Day 14: Growl - Exo Day 15: (used to be) Big Bang (don't hurt me)
Day 16: Rap Monster (forever in friendzone) Day 17: Amber!!! Day 18: Woozi!!!! Day 19: Idk?
Day 20: Exo, SHINee, BTS, Got7, SuJu, B.A.P., & Seventeen Day 21: f(x) & 2NE1
Day 22: Jin! No one loves bae enough! Day 23: Open Arms -Exo Day 24: Bang Bang Bang - Big Bang Day 25: Anything BTS
Day 26: Baekhyun=blonde (D.o.=red) Day 27: Pass Day 28: ....... all of Exo! Day 29: Mark (silent, loving, adorkable) Day 30: Jin (always makes me smile)
@CityGurlKJ I didn't want to admit defeat!
@KellyOConnor It was 3 am when I did this one. I'm going to do the Exo one like this too!
@glostick I was like 5 days behind, so I just did them all! That way I feel like I completed it! Hahaha!!
@Exoexo j gotta Han it to u. at least y finished! i would have been like screw this!
LOL give me a few more days and I might just end up doing this too!
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