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I've been challenged!

Thanks @shannonl5 for challenging me, and this is my response! If you get tagged you're supposed to do one yourself.

Who's your favorite heroine? (Real or Fake)

Check out mine:

Black Widow

Black Widow is the only female character in the avengers, and has a dark, vague history. I have not read the comics (just started actually) so I can only speak for her MCU time. From what I see, she is perfect. She is a master of deceit, combat, language, manipulation and she is gaining depth. In Iron Man 2 she appears as an employee, staying close to Stark and right under his nose.
One's first mistake is to believe she is just another pretty face. Natasha quickly gets close to Pepper who shortly after takes over Stark Industries. Later in the movie it is found out that she's a complete and total B.A.
Black Widow's manipulative skills are tested with huge stakes when she is sent to recruit Bruce Banner - The Hulk. Here we witness attempts at seduction and coercion that would make a lesser man (admittedly myself) go brain dead. Throughoug the movie she does more than pull her weight even when she loses her best friend, Hawkeye.
Possibly the only one close to her - Clint Barton aka Hawkeye - is turned against her early in the movie. In spite of this hit, close to home as it may be, Black Widow's training pays off and she contributes to the team and is even the one who saves him from the spell, albeit via a very hard hit. These are just a few examples of the well known, well loved, and sexualized character known to us as Black Widow, but I feel as though they suffice to say that she is to be feared and loved. She takes a seeming disadvantage - being a woman in a man's world - and excels in spite of it, no, because of it. This is my second post if you guys have any feedback, if there are any inconsistencies or errors (this is from memory, I haven't double checked any of this), I ask that you tell me in the comments. Thanks for your time!
cause you are just that awesome
Wow, thanks all of you! I didn't expect such a positive response haha. @shannonl5 @VinMcCarthy @amobigbang @kuzuri96 @JoshuaThompson
I agree @shannonl5
every well made dude love the card
I feel the same way!
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