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A lot of us know what our Myers Briggs personality is*, but do we know what funny costume we're going to be wearing for Halloween yet?

Fortunately for all of you, I've got it all figured out - organized by your personality categories!

Don't know what your Myers Briggs personality is? Take the official quiz here.

The Intuitive Feelers

ENFJ (The Cult Leader)

ENFJs are charismatic leaders - so much so that they could easily create their very own cults. Get a headstart on founding your own folk religion by being a cult leader for Halloween!

INFJ (Dumbledore)

INFJs are all about imparting wisdom in an effort to selflessly make a positive impact on the world around them. You know who else is wise? A freaking wizard named Dumbledore.

ENFP (Kimye)

ENFPs, you're wild and crazy. When the party starts, all eyes will be on you when you step out as Kim and/or Kanye. (Why not go 'Two-Face' and try them both on for size?)

INFP (Ted)

Out of all the Intuitive Feelers, INFPs are easily the most nurturing and can be easily relied on to provide comfort to people in need. Kind of like a giant talking teddy bear, am I right?

The Intuitive Thinkers

INTJ (Mad Scientist)

INTJs are incredibly innovative and are obsessed with creating different plans and strategies. All that thinking can drive someone a little 'mad' after a while, don't you think?

ENTJ (Donald Trump)

Don himself might be an ESTP, but as someone who appreciates a ruthless debate, you probably can't resist dressing up as the most controversial orator of the Presidential race.

INTP (LEGO Figure)

Balancing high creativity and strong logic, the INTP is the ultimate LEGO master. What else would they be for Halloween but LEGO minifigs themselves?

ENTP (Ace Ventura)

ENTPs are equal parts analytical and curious, making them prime investigators when need be. An Ace Ventura costume would put some Hallow's Eve emphasis on the 'E' in ENTP.

The Sensing Feelers

ESFP (Lion Tamer)

The ESFP loves putting on a show that will draw in crowds and earn them some serious admiration. What's more over-the-top and admirable than taming a ferocious beast?

ISFP (Rasta Banana)

ISFPs pride themselves on being the understated wild card. They're a little adventurous while remaining extremely mellow - kind of like this relaxed and heavy-lidded Rasta Banana.

ESFJ (Kermit The Frog)

Like Kermit, ESFJs genuinely care about people and always cheer them on. Personally, I think you should add a cup of tea to this costume, but really, that's none of my business.

ISFJ (Sexy R2D2)

The ISFJ is the extremely loyal bodyguard of the bunch. You know who else is great at that? R2D2, of course. (But this is Halloween, so why not add a spontaneously sexy twist?)

The Sensing Thinkers

ISTP (Maverick)

The ISTP is an enigma, combining bold with practical - kind of like the way Maverick avenged his dad's death by kicking ass and taking names as a Naval pilot, am I right?

ISTJ (Miley's Tongue)

ISTJs have a reputation of being a little boring and by-the-book. Why not shake off the stereotype while shaking things up as America's favorite shaking tongue?

ESTP (Aerobics Instructor)

Informed yet extremely energetic, no one would make a better personal trainer than the ESTP. Throw on your Richard Simmons shorts, and don't forget the trademark curly wig!

ESTJ (Corporate Zombie)

ESTJs, you're probably not reading this right now because you're busy working your way up company ranks to score yourself an executive office, you dirty 'Corporate Zombie' you.

Which personality are you?

Would you consider the costume suggested? What else do you think people with your personality type should wear for Halloween?

yep yep I am and I'm dam proud of it
I like my costume cause there's no effort lol
an emo writer?
Lmao. I love y'all. ^.^ @AimeeH @danidee I don't think I could screech right now! Not a lot of voice left atm. So let out another one for me!!!!
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