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Can you finish a 30-pound burrito? If you can, you can be part owner of Don Chignon in Brooklyn, New York. Eating is fun, but dammit, that's one heavy burrito. Also, am I the only one who thinks that this could be a huge health hazard?
Anyway, the burrito-eating challenge begins on October 19th at the restaurant. They are offering patrons 10% ownership of the restaurant if they are able to crush this difficult feat. These are the specific terms: finish a 30-pound burrito and a ghost pepper margarita.
Gahhh ghost pepper?!
That ish is HOOOOOOTTTTT. Like, this ain't your normal hot-hot. This is like, I'm-am-going-to-knock-the-human-out-of-you-and-make-you-feel-like-your-whole-body-is-literally-burning HOT. But that's not all.
Here are all of the terms of the challenge:
-Consume everything under 1 hour
-Disqualified if there are any body fluids. This includes runny eyes and noses (seriously?)
And obviously there's the standard -- the restaurant will not be held responsible for any injuries or deaths resulting from the challenge. Seriously, I think it's humanly impossible for anyone to succeed in this challenge. And honestly, this sounds pretty damn risky. 30-pounds is a lot for one sitting -- it can probably fuck with your body in a really terrible way.

Would you be up for the challenge, in chance of becoming part owner of a restaurant?

Oh my gosh.

I got 911 on speed dial for you... In fact, I've already called them, knowing their response time and all.
nAh bruh
there is no way lol, you would have to be like a super human or a robot to do it lol not even Man vs. Food would finish that
Considering that your stomach is supposed to hold less then 30 ounces (I believe), eating 10 times that much could be dangerous to your health. Oh, and also considering that you can't sweat, tear up, or throw up after eating ghost peppers...yeah, I'd say their shares are pretty safe.
@alywoah lol...I'd hope so...
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