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O hay imma just lay here and vibrate all ova you bed at 2:15AM that way you can finish ur too many homeworks k? k ty
Um who invited you feline go back to Jupiter with V from BTS pls
Ya Dude its called a shadow. Gonna scratch it and attack it like the ding dong you are? K go ahead. (Ya I went there MMMHMM)
Awwh is my bullying making you wanna leave??
I know you'll be back soon~~ Cuz u love me and I love yooh tooh <3 <3 MEANWHILE YOU'VE BEEN REPLACED Sorry for all the cleavage =( Im just in my sleeping clothes but you're all girls anyways so it's cool~~
Bahaha, is Dude a big fan of BTS?
@danidee lolol I'm sure he would be. I mean they are from the same planet haha
Omg, it's a planet full of cats and V?!