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10 X-Men Headcanons for the Weekend

We made it to the weekend Marvelers!

Here are some fun headcanons for your Saturday morning.
1. Charles and Erik are both tea drinkers, and neither of them can agree on which brand is better.
2. Storm knows that they're both wrong; coffee is better!
3. When she's alone, Mystique likes to experiment with colors other than blue.
4. Her favorite is pink.
5. Wolverine doesn't own any bottle openers; he just uses his talons.
6. Rogue is a total romance novel junkie. She's getting the other X-Men hooked.
7. Wanda and Pietro sometimes call their dad up just to ask him to move cars out of the parking spaces they want.
8. Sometimes he actually does it.
9. Nightcrawler has considered using his powers to start a moving service.
10. Jubilee loves her power. She can make anything sparkle! She grew up on Lisa Frank binders so of course she thinks it's awesome.
Good I love #7 and it makes #8 all the much better! ~<3
@Karthikkrazzy1 yeah that's probably what's happening XD
If u use upper case, the program might take it as a some kind of abbreviation.@shannonl5
@Karthikkrazzy1 yeah it doesn't work with capslock on for some reason... and it now autocorrects 'Harry Potter' to HARRY POTTER hahaha
lol.. you should turn on auto correction in your device keyboard @shannonl5
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