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I'll say one thing about this look: It's unforgettable.

It's been over ten years since Marilyn Manson married longtime partner Dita von Teese (he recently spoke about the failed relationship), but their wedding photos were completely unforgettable. Instead of the traditional white dress, von Teese opted for a deep blue and purple gown.

She looked stunning, but the look hasn't caught on.

For the most part celebrities have stuck to mostly traditional wedding gowns. What does the Vingle community think? Would anyone wear something like this on their special day?
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@shannonl5 first of... I love contrast so my choice of colors will be one and a trace of another. I'll wear it any shade of green & gold or champagne depending on the intensity of the chosen green. (the paler the better though... only for this dress... )
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@Priscilla green and gold would be BEAUTIFUL! I think while I appreciate the tradition of the white dress, it doesn't feel necessary to me anymore. Plus the symbolism doesn't really rub me the right way.
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If I were to wear a wedding dress that isn't traditional the only dress that I would wear is Disney Princess Belle's yellow gown!
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@RavenQueen0810 that would be so pretty!!! Haha it would definitely work though, esp if you were marrying someone with a glorious library like the one in the movie :D
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@shannonl5 That would be so awesome!
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