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We made it happen Vinglers!

This Mad Lib is even weirder than the first ones! I hope you all enjoy the story we created:
Wonder-Woman and Black Widow were having a movie night last weekend. They were watching High School Musical because of course they were. Eating poptarts and munching, it was a really fun night! Until...
"Do you see the Bat-Signal out there, Natasha?" Wonder Woman asked.
"I do, but I'm pretty sure Batman is on vacation in the library right now."
"Looks like this is a job for us," Diana grinned, dancing into action. "There must be something bad happening downtown!"
The two of them slapped to the Benz avoiding traffic and love to reach the signal.
Lo and behold, when the reached the center of the city they found none other than.... Mojo Jojo! He was destroying all of the disturbing pizza parlors and ugly ice cream shops. Because villains hate awesome things like pizza and ice cream.
"We've got this, right Diana," Black Widow already had her laser beam eyes out.
"That we do, Natasha." Wonder Woman cracked her knuckles. "I'll distract him while you come at him from behind?"
Black Widow nodded.
"I, Mojo Jojo am extremely grotesque. I am surrounded by happiness, but I, Mojo Jojo detest happiness! I prefer dirty and sore because I, Mojo Jojo am a fearsome villain!"
"Sure you are," shouted Wonder Woman. "Let's see how fearsome you really are!"
"Aha!" Mojo Jojo cackled. "But I have come prepared." He took out a aqua laser. "This will surely defeat you!"
Mojo Jojo began shooting, and Wonder Woman deflected his shots, showing no sign of angst. Behind him, Black Widow was preparing to surprise the silly villain. Before he ruined any more Victoria's Secret, Krogers, or Starbucks!
"I've got you now Wonder Woman!" screamed Mojo Jojo, changing the setting on his laser to 'super extremely translucent and dangerous'.
"I don't think so!" Wonder Woman shouted, texting and jumping. "Ready Natasha?"
"I was *born* ready." Without further ado, Natasha threw a giant, heavy net over Mojo Jojo, trapping him. His laser misfired, hitting him in the epiglottis.
"That was easy," Black Widow smiled. "You in the mood for pizza?"
The two women high-fived, and made their way the the closest (unharmed) pizzeria.
Thank you so much to @danidee @amobigbang @BeannachtOraibh @loftonc16 @ChibiFox @chris98vamg @DanaMichelle and @animechild51 for contributing to this hilarious Mad Lib! You're all super. Here's a question for everyone on team Mad Lib @CandaceJordan @YoSoySoysauce @raenel @ButterflyBlu @Luci546 @TerrecaRiley what characters would you like to see in the next one? I was thinking maybe Deadpool again?

Anyone who would like to be tagged in the next Mad Lib, please comment so I can add you to the list!

Someone should animate this! XD
very nice!!
Bahahaha, I'm glad THE BENZ made it into this.
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