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Okay so this was my first anime ever! And I absolutely loved it! and when L died I stoped watching for 3 days to cope XD. in the end I feel like it had to of happened. so I am wanting to know people's thoughts on the anime and this quote I found!!! It is a lovely quote and it captures the anime well in my opinion!
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did you keep watching for Matt and Melo? I know a lot of people decided not to after L died.
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Yes @VinMcCarthy I eventually did and I am glad I did because it was soooo good
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This was such a great anime!! It made more cry towards the end.
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to tell u the truth , L is still my favorite character and death note was my 2nd anime I ever watched, when he died I flipped my keyboard XD didn't watch death note for a good week but yes it was nessesarry for him to die but I still hate Near.
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