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So, @kpopandkimchi tagged me in making a card or posting a comment about any cute nicknames for K-celebs. I don't have any, but I thought I'd let you guys know how my bias list is separated instead. c:

The "Babies"

Age difference doesn't matter here. This category is all about those precious biases that I feel the need to squish and quite possibly date and marry in the future. Now, I was wracking my brain and trying to remember who I actually call my babies. More often than not, the thirteen males listed above will be referred to as my "baby." Mark, Yugyeom, BamBam, and Jaebum (GOT7) Daesung (Big Bang) Onew (SHINee) J.R. (Nu'EST) Ilhoon (BTOB) Daeryong and Soryong (TASTY) I almost wrote their birth names. Tao...(Z.Tao) CAP (Teen Top) Leo (VIXX) There are some biases that were once on this list. They're more than likely just under a different category now. But, anyway, these are the biases that I either want to squish and baby and take care of and/or want to walk down the aisle and say vows with them. The feels for them are dangerously strong. Next...

The "Puppies"

Now, quite honestly, this list is like a VIP restricted. This category could be considered "human pets," in the least sexual way. It's not that I don't find them attractive but they're the biases that, if I were to walk into a pet shop or have someone follow me home, it'd be them. These are the puppies that I'd love to greet me when I walk through the door at home. I'd love them and cherish them and feed them and rub their bellies...Yeah, you get the idea. The headliners here are: Jackson (GOT7) Jonghyun (SHINee) Ricky (Teen Top) V & J-Hope (BTS) Sungjae (BTOB) Lee Kwangsoo (Actor/Entertainer/Comedian? @.@) Now, I have some babies that fall under this category, too, namely J.R. though, the little precious. He makes noona's heart 두근두근. Now...

The "No-No's"

Any bias that falls under this category can still somewhat be considered my bias but I have backed off of them for a reason. Either they're the bias of someone I respect and I feel like I'm crossing a line if I like them, too, or they're a secret bias that I refuse to admit to, or I just think they're way too perfect to ever acknowledge my existence even I were to sit on their lap and poke their face all day. There a quite a few that I don't have listed here because it's almost 4 in the morning and I have to be up in like two or three hours for work and I Help me. This category mainly consists of: Lee Jongsuk (Actor) Key & Minho (SHINee) Rap Monster (BTS) GD & TOP (Big Bang) Zico (Block B) [I wrote something here about B.A.P., but Vingle closed on me and didn't save that part so ask me about if you really want to know. ㅠㅠ] A few biases come and go out of this section but it's pretty restricted as well. Next to last category (that I can remember with four am brain power)...

The "Questionables"

This category is mostly dedicated to those pretty faces in the crowd that made my heart flutter in a happy way. Whether I heard them sing, play an instrument, saw them dance or on a variety show, etc., these are typically faces that I can recognize and name but I still don't know them all that well. I adore them for some special reason but that question mark still remains about how I feel about them and how deep I'm willing to let myself go. F.T. Island's Lee Hongki is definitely at the top of this list or close to it since he was my absolute first bias even though all I knew was that he could sing and he was cute. I've tried to get more into F.T. Island and got lost somewhere along the way. *coughsshineecoughcoughs* Others include: The rest of VIXX The rest of BTS B.A.P. B1A4, namely Shin Dongwoo (CNU) The rest of EXO - current and ex-members There are a lot more groups and such that belong here, such as the rest of BTOB and CN Blue and 2PM, but it's now 4:05am and I am asking for trouble... I quickly move on to this last but not least category.

The "Girl Crushes"

Self-explanatory, right? Who ranks top here? Zinni (GLAM) Amber & Luna (f(x)) Tiny G, but namely Mint Soyu & Bora (Sistar) Dara & CL (2NE1) Hyeoyeon & Sunny (SNSD) Orange Caramel Those are the tops... That I can remember... I wanted more pictures but I'm getting to sleepy to even think straight. Plus, my autocorrect thinks this is funny and is making me go back and correct way more than necessary.
I feel like there's so much more that I wanted to do with this card but it's now ten minutes away from 4.30am and if Vingle closes on me one more time, I might just chuck my phone across the room. I'll tag people later when my phones not being a booty and I can remember things better and I just got scared because apparently I have alarms set on my phone for 4 am and such... "Everybody" has never scared me like that before. FML I shall sleep now. Hello, two hours of sleep... ㅠ~ㅠ"
@AmbieB ikkkkkk omggggggg XD every time he gives that gummy smile in just like just leave me here to die
@AmbieB ikrrrrr like when he does aegyo or tries too and with his tigger omggggggg but during his serious raps I'm just like ........ ♥️😍♥️😍
@AmbieB dude Ikr I mean yea sure he's 25 but damn XD like you know how the bias lists always sift around? He never moves from number 1 omgrd
Omg XD so true. Leo is adorable but Ravi and Hongbin are as well. BUT THEN THERES BAP OMG YONGGUK BANG YONGGUK OMG
THE PUPPY LIST IS SO ACCURATE. I call Hyuk my son a lot :D and sweeet dreeeeams~
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