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So I just recently finished binge-watching No Game No Life in one day. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Pretty much like the gif above except I had to make my own food because I'm at college. I keep wishing there would be a season 2 but I have no idea if that will happen. :(
How do you guys binge-watch anime? I always have some yummy ramen as I watch! ^_^
how can i create a gif ? :3 can someone tell me ? ^_^
second season plz I stayed up all night and watched the series in one go bout 3 months ago I loved it and yea I wanna see them beat every race and challenge tet
When I binge watch I'm usually in my bed and NOTHING would bother me I would just keep watching one after another no break no food no snacks, I'm surprised I survive after like 10 hours of watching anime
I snack out on the couch
considering where they left off at the end of season one, the better make the second season
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