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Most people don't know this about me, but I studied Spanish for 5 years and miss it!
I was going through my iTunes library recently and stumbled upon all this awesome music I would use to study and wanted to share it with you guys :D

If you like Korean Indie Rock:

Chini and the Technicians - Te vienen a ver

This group is from Chile and this particular chorus will never leave your head!
(The beginning is slow, so start around 1:00!) @shjej5835 @xoxoaudra98

If you like IU:

Shakira - Obtener Un Sí

This is perfect coffee shop music for a cold day, just like all of my favorite tracks by IU.

If you like Nell:

Maná - En el Muelle de San Blas

Arguably one of the most iconic bands in Mexico, Maná has such an awesome sound that reminds me of some of Nell's greatest hits. Sunggyu is probs a huge fan ;D

BONUS: EXO Singing In Sabor a Mi (Luis Miguel)

Who is your favorite Latin artist!?

I'm from Mexico so I grew up listening to music in Spanish, any songs from Reik and Camila are amazing!
ahhh Mana is so great! Enrique Iglesias is also really good 😍😍😍
Yo tambien hablo español!!
Girl!! I love me a Latin beat! Celia Cruz (RIP Queen of Salsa), Selena (RIP Queen of Cumbia), Chino y Nacho, Juan Gabriel... I can go on! I mostly like Merengue and Bachata music though. ^_^ Still looking for that dance. partner.
Growing up there was this group that was like the hippest thing ever. Their name was OV7. You guys should listen to Te Quiero Tanto, Shabadabada and Enloqueceme.
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