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Alright, so I've already mentioned on here that I just recently finished watching No Game No Life and my god, the animation in this series is beautiful! But the more important part and the topic of this card...is the amount of kawaii/cute characters! Seriously, I've been missing out!
This gif literally sums up the style of this anime. They are all about that kawaii life!
The switch from intense games to puppy eyes is so frequent, you will be amazed!
Probably the cutest sibling pairing I've seen in any anime. They are adorable!!!
Even the supporting characters are kawaii! Maybe it's the animation, I don't know!
I NEED that cute phone in my life. Look at how adorable it is. It even has ears!
There we go again with the super-kawaii brother and sister, Sora and Shiro!
They even make crying look cute! All the feels, all the time! Someone hug them!
That moment when kawaii characters fangirl over another kawaii character! LOL
Even the God of this anime universe is cute. Do you see the heart on his cheek?
I need more anime with kawaii characters in my life! Hetalia is one that comes to mind.
So, what are some other anime series with incredibly cute/adorable/kawaii characters?
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You shall built a shrine for Shiro upon the tallest hill
2 years ago·Reply
I vote we send mail or emails to the director of this anime and get him to make a season two there's never enough kawaii
2 years ago·Reply
by far best sibling pair in any anime XD
2 years ago·Reply
XDXD KAWAII OVERLOAD this is by far one of my favorite anime
2 years ago·Reply
check out my anime chuunibyou
2 years ago·Reply
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