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The other day @Shemoo posted this pic of an awesome Hinata cosplayer, and we all wanted to know who she was!
Well everyone (@KyleSearl @shannonl5 @Shemoo @otakukpopgirl), I found her!!!

She's known as Xiao Rou!

Everything on her page is in Chinese (its on Weibo) but I have a weibo account so I was able to find more pics of her cosplays!

Even covered in blood, she still managed to look pretttttty adorable, don't you think?

You can go here to go directly to her photo stream to see more pictures! I'm not sure if you need an account or not, though -_-;;;;;
she does excellent cosplays she should try sao or attack on titan
these are perfect
she adorable and badass epic
Thanks I know I came to the right place.its an otakuXk-poper haven.
We know @sara3 everybody is entitled to their own opinion. We anime fans understand that better than anyone else in the world 馃槈 were just cool like that 馃榾 but we know that your not that kind of person to hate on others because your one of us. "We're just teasing"鈽猴笍馃槈馃槄 no harm no foul!
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