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its very true
There are still some challenging games you can't quite buy or cheat your way through out there! Although a lot you can pay your way to the top now which does kinda suck makes the game unfair for people who can't afford to spend money and keep up with everyone else
@imTANNERthanU Right? There are a few games out there that have a little bit fairer starting point, but they're few and far between these day. My friend started playing a game called Felspire, so she invited me to join her in her guild, ya ya. So of course being the nice guy I am, I joined her server and started working my way through..... then, BAM. A couple douchebags top up like a billion dollars and totally crush the whole server. I looked at my friend like... "Been nice knowing ya, you're on your own." *Runs away* LOL
Lololol yeah that's the worst sometimes I like the little rts games that come out for phones but I can't even compete with people who put like hundreds of dollars into the game I'm like maybe I'll spend 10 bucks.. Oh wait I don't have 10 bucks lmfao @danse