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Hey everybody!! Thank you for participating in my L&R Trivia Challenge a few weeks ago!! You might not remember it, because... well... I put it up three weeks ago and then forgot to ever post the answer. Lol. -_____- Typical Alli.
BUT I have the answer for you now!! Just in case you don't remember what the question was:

Which gender is more likely to take risks for love: men or women?

Do you remember what your guess was?
Voting for MEN, we had @buddyesd, @Arellano1052, @quietone, and @Karthikkrazzy1!
Voting for WOMEN, we had @InPlainSight (and me, before I knew the answer. Lol. You're not alone InPlainSight!!!)
Voting for BOTH / IT DEPENDS, there was @TerrecaRiley, @alywoah, and @BenDeierlein
Aaaaand bringing up the rear, voting for DOGS and their unconditional love we had...
@ChriSingularis. Such a trouble maker. XD Lol.
So, without further ado, let's hear science's answer!! *drumroll*
(Lol sorry that was corny)


New research suggests that it's men, not women, who are more likely to take risks for love (or at least, when there's a "possibility of romance"). Four separate experiments show that men who were primed to think about women before confronting a task were more likely to take risks. (Read about the science here!)
Interestingly, another experiment also showed that women tend to prefer risk-taking men over non risk-takers! It could be that the flashiness of taking risks is a mating strategy for men, which they use to attract female eyes and increase the probability of finding a mate.

How Legit Is It, You Ask?

Well, as we all know, science isn't perfect. Experiments can be flawed. These focused on the college age group, when guys are particularly risk-prone. Also, I got this information from this website, so it's basically their fault and not mine if I'm wrong hehe.

So, what do you guys think??

Is science right? Are bros all about the risks when it comes to love? Or do ladies do their fair share of risk-taking, too?
Wow, who knoew. Hahah I wouldn't have guessed this but totally get the love science behind it! hahah I'd love to see more of these!
I can see the truth in that
Well, as a non risk taking, unimpulsive 20 year old male, I just sit back and observe everybody else suffering through the consequences from spur of the moment decisions XD It's quite entertaining haha Nobody has seemed worth taking a risk for. As of right now, meeting my crushes parents over a dinner was the riskiest thing I've done. And I consider it a risk, because I could've easily said no... And nothing came out of it, except we're still friends. Which, in itself, is a near-miracle haha
tbh I think it is guys especially if we do think something could come out of the risk like for my ex I moved across the damn country to be with her
@allischaaff barking up my case... Cough, I mean backing up my case: @quietone looks like you experienced the rainbow after the rain. Everything happens for a reason, eh? Btw I admire you taking the risk.
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