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Actor Kim So Hyun was spotted playing badminton barefoot, and his fans showed interest at the sight. Recently, a picture titled “Kim Soo Hyun’s fighting spirit on barefoot” has been spreading out online through SNS. In the picture, Kim has rolled up his jeans to his knees and is playing badminton enthusiastically barefoot. Kim appeared at the Seoul Forest on May 13, which is located in Seongdong-gu, Seoul and played badminton there with his friends. The writer said, “Kim often shows up in the Forest and takes a walk, but on that day, he was crazy about playing badminton. He was so into it hat he played barefoot. Netizens who saw the picture commented: “From now on, the Seoul Forest will become an attraction.” “Will I look cool if I play like him barefoot?” “No matter what he does, he looks like a model. It will be fun if he plays with Lee Yong Dae, the professional badminton player.” Source: TV Report via